Why us?


Fire Alarm Marketing is your Best Choice for Success

Why?  Because we have been there.  And we got through it with flying colors.  Let us help you do the same.  When you choose Fire Alarm Marketing you’ll be provided with:

  •  The Experience to Weather Surprises – We’ve survived the “bumps in the road” that many businesses like yours, from start-ups to Fortune 500s encounter, so we know how to guide you around them.  Nothing surprises us!
  •  Responsiveness We have the expertise and resources to quickly evaluate your needs…so we can solve and fulfill them rapidly
  • Communication – You’ll be kept up to date, and your input will be taken seriously, every step of the way
  •  Trusted Partner – We work with and for YOU, and always treat you with integrity
  •  Working for you  not ourselves, and being passionate about your success and winning

Our value proposition

  • Knowledge and actual experience -> Decreases your time to market and optimizes your return 
  • Our successful track record in marketing and business development -> Increases your revenues
  • Our knowledge of winning formulas combined with best business practices-> Gives you efficient operations and reduced costs
  • Our numerous industry segment experiences->Provides new, innovative ideas for success
  • Knowledge of Product/Service development and marketing campaigns-> Provides you with the complete picture- customer satisfaction ihydrantg