Case Studies

Welcome to our case study section

 In this section, we have documented a sampling of some of the challenges that Fire Alarm Marketing has addressed. These represent many of the common issues that marketing is facing.  Hopefully, the solutions may give you some insight to problems you may be experiencing.

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                      Case Study  –  Market Research/Market Segmentation/Strategy

Situation: –A nonprofit organization had moved from a start-up phase into its formation phase. We were contracted to create their marketing plan. 

Solution: – We recommend that instead of a marketing plan for 2012/2013, that a mini market research program be performed with the following three key objectives

1 -Who are the customer/ audiences (demographic segmentation)? .  .  .  .

Benefits: – The benefits from doing the survey first before creating a marketing plan is that it definitely saved valuable time and money

Second, the survey provided basic information which didn’t exist before, .  .  .  .  .  .

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                                  Case Study – Product Requirement Document


Situation – A client needed assistance on defining markets and prioritizing which products and/or sevices should be their next offering

Solution – Because of time-to-market constraints, we combined an existing product with a particular service and created an offering with appealing characteristics for two market segments. 

Benefit – the client was able to quickly launch a new product addressing new adjacent markets.

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                                     Case study – Solutions versus speed and feeds

 Situation – A key competitor had a group of “high performance” switches that they were promoting and using to win sales.  The challenge: how to counter this.

 Solution –  We  found that while performance was important, a more important  requirement was that certain types of application information had to get through the enterprises networks in a timely manner. Addressing this need appealed to the key decision makers more then just pure speed.   

Benefits – Selling solutions, business issues and traffic give a competitive advantages

Lesson- If one looks hard enough, there usually is another way to skin that preverbal cat!

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                                  Ease – of – use, still a great value proposition

Situation – Selling into the banking industry a sophisticated / complex suite of communication devices (switches and routers). 

Solution – Marketing (along with support from engineering) “developed” a financial communication application whose key value proposition was ease – of -use.

 Benefits – Ease –of- use allowed a smooth integration into various banking applications – time and money saved

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Case Study – New Product Introduction

 Situation – A small startup had various groups across the country and releases of products were viewed as being “thrown over the transom” by management and thus lost of sales  due to a lack of coordination.

 Solution – We took over a nascent New Product Introduction (NPI) organization, reconstituted it as a multi-functional group (Development, Support, Marketing Communications, Product Management, Sales Management and Finance) with scheduled meetings and deliverables.  

 Benefit –More targeted marketing communications, greater lead generation, increased sales and understood/facilitated upgrade programs; all contributing to greater revenue and lower costs.

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Case Study – Sunsetting

 Situation –  By aggressively “rolling-over” the flagship product, a vendor was faced with an obsolete inventory of approximately $11.0M dollars.

 Solution –  Employing every known technique, we were able to reduce the inventory of both finished goods and parts by 90% with minimum cost and zero sales cannibalization, in less than 18 months.

 Benefit – Sales (leases) of mainstream products were not impacted by the sale of older products.

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                             Case Study – Product Launch

 Situation –  By providing new service offerings, (Public Key Encryption and Certificate Authorities) a firm’s could realize added revenue from new offerings, but only a few of the firm’s staff were familiar with the new technologies, and the concept was new to their customers.

 Solution – As part of the leadership of a newly constructed Boston-based group, we managed an international team to develop the new services to fulfill the market need. 

 Benefit – The firm was perceived as one of the leaders in securing the Internet space.  Revenue of the new services went from zero to a $2,5M run-rate in less than 2 years

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