Ease of Use

Ease – of – use, still a great value proposition



Selling into the banking industry a sophisticated / complex suite of communication devices (switches and routers). 
The challenge I was given, was a mid sized enterprise wanted to penetrate the financial market, particularly the banking sector with their suite of communication devices, but the suite is complex, and they have no banking applications. Adding to the problem, the typical installation and support of this suite requires a trained system engineer.  This is a major problem because the company wanted to target line of business (LOB) VPs and directors. And to make things even more difficult, LOBs typically look at price, price and ease – of – use.



Marketing (along with support from engineering) “developed” a financial communication application whose key value proposition was ease – of -use. The financial package has a series of preconfigured solution for the most popular banking applications and an “automated” start up program. Marketing also ran targeted promotional and print ads about the benefits of ease –of- use and that the company had a unique solution for banking.   This massaging and positioning greatly resonated with everyone in the branch and district offices who had to integrate these devices into their specific application.

Marketing and demonstrating in person the ease -of -use capabilities to senior VPs, this resulted in having them “recommend” the communication suite to the branches and districts who ultimately purchased the suites.



*Ease –of- use allowed a smooth integration into various banking applications – time and money saved

*Improved communication resulted in better customer response times, thus improved customer satisfaction.

*Installation and operation costs was greatly reduced – cost savings


Bottom line, sometimes the simplest feature (ease- of -use) can have the greatest marketing impact.