New Product Introduction

Case Study – New Product Introduction


Situation – A small startup had its Development location in the west, and its Headquarters with Marketing, Finance and Support functions in the east.  Prior releases of the core and secondary products were viewed as being “thrown over the transom” by management and sales opportunities had been lost due to a lack of coordination.


Solution – We took over a nascent New Product Introduction (NPI) organization, reconstituted it as a multi-functional group (Development, Support, Marketing Communications, Product Management, Sales Management and Finance) with scheduled meetings and deliverables.

Holding weekly meetings, (face-to-face depending upon location, with the other office teleconferencing in) issues and road-bumps were identified and resolved prior to the scheduled release date.  In some cases, the release date was postponed to allow all the functional areas to be fully prepared.   

Benefit – With agreed upon priorities, the proper allocation of resources, and established timing, releases were made that allowed for coordinated product launches and releases.  This resulted in more targeted marketing communications, greater lead generation, increased sales and understood/facilitated upgrade programs; all contributing to greater revenue and lower costs.