Product Requirement Document

Case Study – Product Requirement Document


Situation – A small enterprise that specializes in custom software services has customers concentrated in government and high technology industry segments. The client has a broad range of application knowledge and great customer service. They wanted to expand their offerings and/or penetrate into new markets to reduce their dependency on their existing segments and customers.  They were operating under the constraints of getting to the market quickly and very limited resources.

Solution – An analysis regarding their current software products and services, by market, was performed using key criteria of:

  • Product availability
  • Addressable markets
  • Competition
  • Time to market 
  • Resource requirements


The derived solution was the combination of certain custom software applications with unique services and the development of specific industry applications.  Along with this, a case study, email campaigns and a targeted customer list were recommended for the initial launch.

Benefit – The firm now has an industry specific applications and the ability to sell into two new markets. Additional benefits accrued as they were able to utilize existing service offerings, thus minimizing development costs while meeting the time-to-market constraint.