Solution Selling

Case study – Solutions versus speed and feeds  Situation The sales team gave us the following situation and challenge. Our key competitor had a group of “high performance” switches that they were promoting and using to win sales.  The challenge was what we could do to counter this. Solution We investigated the statement that the competitor’s switches actually had high performance (speed) capabilities.  At the time there were no lab reports to validate these claims, but during our investigation we found that many of the competitor’s group of switches did not have any band width control or if the switch did, they were of different algorithms (which impacted performance).  We also found by working with current and potential customers, that while performance was important, a more important  requirement was that certain types of application information had to get through the enterprises networks in a timely manner.  Since our suite of switches had bandwidth management (allows the user to prioritize applications traffic); we marketed optimizing the traffic to the needs of the organization.  Addressing this need appealed to the key decision makers more then just pure speed.  As a result we overcame an obstacle and sold a solution versus  the competitor feature or point product.  Benefits

  • Selling solutions give a competitive advantage- potentially larger sales and unique differentiator
  • The solution addresses an application not a feature- addressing business issues not  technology
  • By controlling critical traffic- timely information, thus improved response times
  • Traffic optimization- reduces bandwidth capacity- cost savings

 Lesson- If one looks hard enough, there usually is another way to skin that preverbal cat!